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Sipadan Permit & Entrance Fee
posted on Monday, December 16, 2013

Dear All Beloved Guest & Agents,

Please take note, Sipadan permit we do not guarantee in advance. For guest need us to guarantee, they have to stay minimum 5 nights, then we can confirm 1 day Sipadan. 

Sipadan Permit and Entrance Fee

Entering Sipadan Island , require permit and may not be approved on certain days if the quota exceed. Approval is issued by Sabah Park early one day before entering therefore would not be able to tell in advance. Guest can dive in Sipadan will be charged RM 40.00 per person per day than can be paid at the resort. Sipadan at this present moment only allowed 120 persons per day. SWV hold no responsibility for not being able to dive everyday in Sipadan due to conservation done by our Government. We can only try our best to arrange every of our guests to dive at Sipadan.

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